DDA - Assessment of Friends Meeting House, Hill Street, Coventry


Policy statement
The Disable Discrimination Act (DDA) lays the obligation upon the owners of all buildings to which the public have access to ensure that any visitors with disabilities are not inhibited in any way from visiting or entering the building to use the facilities offered. The act specified that any adaptations that a ‘reasonably practical’ should be made to the premises to permit access. It is the intention of the Coventry Meeting of The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) to take on board these responsibilities and to comply with the obligations to the full. Friends, have traditionally respected the contribution that every individual can make and their contribution to Society It is with this inclusive approach that we offer our building for use.

Every Sunday morning there is a person appointed to greet and welcome visitors. One of their appointed duties is to look out for any one who may require assistance in any way and ensure that help is given as needed.

One of their other roles of the greeting person is to encourage Friends to be prompt in starting. After 10 minutes the children (if any) usually leave and latecomers can come in, this gives an opportunity for those who are have difficulty in sitting for a long time to discretely enter or leave without causing attention.

Meeting for Worship
The main meeting room is upstairs and due to the construction of the building it is not possible to install a passenger lift, we do have a stair-lift. In order to accommodate those who have difficulty with stairs, we hold Meeting for Worship in the ground floor room every first Sunday of the month.

There is a children’s meeting every second and third Sundays.

Car parking
Cars may be parked either at the front (2 spaces) or at the rear where the entrance is on the level.

Rear garden.
This secluded away from the road and is mainly lawn; there is a ‘child fence’ with latched gate to prevent children from wandering.

The front door is accessed by three steps with handrails on both sides or by shallow ramp. There is no threshold step. The wide front door maybe latched open. There are two rear doors are each fitted with shallow wooden ramps with non slip surfaces.

Ground floor
This is fully wheelchair accessible

Foyer - This is spacious and carpeted. In addition to male and female toilets includes a wheelchair accessible toilet with wash basin and child changing/ washing shelf.

Library – this has one step down but with wheel chair ramp. The step is clearly distinguished by white edge and texture change from parquet / marble to carpet.

The steps and ramp have handrails. Windows are protected by wooden mid-height handrail.

Meeting Room – This is approached by stairs with handrail. It is fitted with induction hearing loop with clearly visible on/off switch will tell-tail light. The microphone is capable of a good pickup throughout all the room but additionally there is a microphone and stand for an input to the loop when making presentations. There are three portable receivers for loan to visitors.

Committee room – It was felt that there was no need for any special adaptations or features.

Chairs – We have five different styles of chairs to suit all sizes of people including children. Some are with fitted armrests.